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By Kevin Styles

i-Junky Has Moved!!

Friday, June 17, 2005
i-Junky Has MOVED!

New location: http://ijunky.blogsome.com Please update your links! And come take a look at the new i-Junky now under the Wordpress system.


Media Center Remote

Sunday, June 12, 2005
Are you one of those who think buying one of those complete Microsoft Media Center Systems is a waste of money? Are you one of those who think building their own system and finding some sort of substitutional operating system to use? Are you one of those who have built a PC suitable for multimedia applications and happened to have Windows Media Center installed?

Then looks like the only thing you guys are missing is the remote control! Now if you were to buy a complete Home Media Center PC like you see in most large retail stores with a ridiciously over priced tag on them, they would have a remote bundled with it (let's face it, if we were to have a multimedia system of some sort the most important thing is to lie down on your comfy couch and enjoy it with a remote control!)

What you need is one of these babies from Australian PC Market, which are selling them at a reasonable price.

If you did some hefty research and bargaining I won't be surprised if you can get one of these at the palm of your hands for about twenty or so dollars off the Aus PC market price.

And these are not your so average looking remote controlles either, with the styling they present - they almost certainly can pass as some sort of Japanese controlling device for dildo equipment.

Here are the specifications:
  • Remote control has USB dongle to connect to PC running Windows MCE2005

  • Base station also has IR sender to control set-top boxes, comes with 2x batteries

  • Used with MCE, it can control set-top Foxtel/Optus boxes with IR - 2 IR senders included

  • Remote can also learn from your existing TV remote to switch TV on/off and control volume by putting it head-to-head

  • Has "Skip" button that jumps 30-seconds at a time to bypass ads in recorded shows

  • Runs on 2x AA batteries, included

Source: Australian PC Market

Playstation 3 to be without bundled HD?

Friday, June 10, 2005
The newly anticipated Playstation 3 is said to be launched next spring, but without a bundled hard disk.

According to Sony Computer Entertainment's Chief technology officer Masayuki Chatani, he claims a certain strategy has yet to be planed, however most gamers/users will want to upgrade to a higher capacity drive anyway.

More here

Apple switching to Intel chips

Monday, June 06, 2005
According to CNET News.com and The Wall Street Journal Apple (well known for their Macintosh Machines in the PC market) will be switching to Intel x86 processors as of today announcing the change at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference after it's strong bond with IBM manufactured CPU's all these years.

However, this may be considered as a risky move by Apple, because switching to Intel chips would require new software to be written to adapt to the new processor.

"I don't know that Apple's market share can survive another architecture shift,"
Insight 64 analyst Nathan Brookwood told News.com. "Every time they do this,
they lose more customers."

Having that said, Apple will instead apply the new chips their low end mainstream machines such as the Mac Mini, in med 2006 and a year later for the higher end models.

More reading;

Optus finally has made the right move

Friday, June 03, 2005
OptusNet lifts 28Kbps cap

Brad Peczka
Yesterday, 2:45 pm Optus got a news
IN BRIEF OptusNet has quietly increased the shaping speed for its Unlimited* and Unlimited* Pro broadband plans to 64Kbps.

The increase in speed comes after 3 years of shaping to 28Kbps, which has caused many heated user debates in the OptusNet forum here on Whirlpool. This also brings OptusNet in line with its competitors, who usually shape at speeds ranging from 64Kbps to 72Kbps.

The change is yet to be officially announced to OptusNet customers, but the OptusNet Rate Card has been updated to include a new condition that states "28.8kbps speed limiting applies to Basic 200MB, Starter Plus 400MB, and Value 1GB plan. 64kbps speed limiting applies to Unlimited and Unlimited Pro plans."

All I can say is, it's about time Optus decided to lift the cap, while other Cable ISP's have been limiting their capped speeds to this rate already.

Free Tebit! Err I mean Cebit!

Monday, May 23, 2005
Firstly for starters who don't know what Cebit is, have a look at this website www.cebit.com.au basically it's some kind of Australian PC expo that happens every year, I did not know one single thing about this event until just 2 months ago when I decided to register on that site (because I was told too). Then later I found out, I can gain free entry to the event when it actually takes place - I was like ..um cool... then later I found out you can get free stuff while I'm there... I remember by this moment I needed a quick gasp of fresh air, so I went out to the backyard to have a breather, by the time I was done, went back inside, sat down ...cool free stuff, I'm going this year fo shiz!

Anyway 2 months past I almost forgot about Cebit completely until just about a week ago when I recieved this in the mail:

Now the confidential parts of the ID tag are blacked out, incase you scammers out there want to make a copy of this somehow - not exactly sure how it's possible but just a precaution... anyway.
I should also probably mention why I'm addressed as an IT Network Administrator of Lidcombe Tafe - well I wanted to start very early in my field of expertise... ok not really, but it was the only profession that popped up in my head at the time of registration on the Cebit site, you see to require free entry you needed some sort of profession and well I'm an IT Network Admin.

For those who want more information can just visit the Cebit website or have a look down here in the next photo, if you can see it clear enough you be able to make out the dates and times and the location of this Cebit event.

No doubt I'll be there to only just grab some freebies, don't let 'freebie' give you any impression of just cheap advert material of some sort, although they might - but I'm sure that won't be all the free stuff you can get your hands on.

Homer Mouse!

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I notice this mouse from USBGeek and thought, hey that's pretty cool I want one of those! Anyway here are some more screen shots and a review... boy do I feel like a geek at the very moment.

Source: http://sdmlanreview.com/modules.php?name=Reviews&op=show&rid=39